ACH Payments


ACH payments are the standard in eCheck or electronic check processing. ACH processing from EasyACH™ will allow you to accept ACH payments from your customers using any U.S. bank account and fully eliminate the need for paper checks. If your currently processing credit cards, ACH processing will save you a considerable amount of money since most new EasyACH™ merchants are approved for a 1% discount rate. Using ReceivePay (the EasyACH payment gateway for merchants) you can setup your customers on automatic recurring billing and debit their bank account on a schedule of your choosing, allowing you to fully automate payment plans and recurring fee's. EasyACH makes it easier than anyone to start accepting ACH payments with our 24-72 hour account setup guarantee.


Thousands of businesses are quickly realizing the cost and time savings associated with accepting ACH payments versus other forms of payment.

  • Keep more of your profits
    Unlike credit card processing, ACH processing offers a 1% discount rate*. Stop giving your hard earned money away to the credit card companies and keep it in your bank account.

  • Increase payment flexibility for your customers & improve your businesses cash flow
    Your customers will appreciate having ACH as a primary or additional payment option. If your currently waiting on checks to clear or invoices to be paid ACH can significantly increase your businesses cash flow by allowing you to collect funds when their due.
  • Automate your billing
    Forget collecting payments, with recurring billing from EasyACH you can debit your customers accounts each month automatically or use our XML API to link your existing billing system directly with ReceivePay for billing on your terms.


Property Management (rent and utility bills)
Web Hosting
B2B Telecom and Wireless Distributors
Gardeners / Landscapers
Pool Maintenance
Housekeeping Businesses
Bookkeepers and Accountants
Pest Control
Care Givers
Schools (completely automate tuition)
and many more ...



Using the Gateway or ReceivePay API you can submit a ACH debit or ACH credit to any U.S. bank account at a time or schedule of your choosing. Generally it takes only 1-2 business days before the debit appears on the consumers bank statement and an additional 1-2 business days for the funds appear in your checking account. The diagram below shows how the ACH debit process works from start to finish.

how much does it cost?

ACH payment processing is a low cost method of accepting payments from your customers. Most new merchants are approved for a 1.00% discount rate. EasyACH offers one flat monthly fee and volume based transaction fee's that adjust from month to month along with your transaction volume.

Discount per transaction: 1.00%*
Volume based transaction fee: As low as $0.35
Monthly gateway fee: $19.95
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