who are you doing business with?

CheckID is the ultimate in fraud prevention. By bringing together data from multiple data sources, including credit bureau's, CheckID can not only help you verify the identity of consumers but verify specific information about them. CheckID is a suite of verification products combined into one solution, providing EasyACH merchants with a powerful suite of tools to reduce fraud and increase confidence in business dealings.


CheckID is a set of combined tools, all working together to give you an accurate and real-time assessment of the consumer in under 30 seconds.

  • Age Verification
    Verify the age of a individual
    and the date their social security number was issued.

  • Fraud Score & High Risk Alert
    For each query CheckID will return a risk score, use this score to judge the risk of doing business with the consumer. Data-Profile matching is also performed, checking if the consumer appears on negative databases.
  • OFIC Watch List Screening
    The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is an agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury under the auspices of the Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.
    The OFAC manages international trade sanctions.

    Social Security Number Verification
    Does the social security number match the name? Is the person living or dead? Social security number verification collects data from premium data sources to provide you this information and much more, including the year the SSN was issued.

    Address Verification
    Verify the consumers current address and receive a list of previous addresses. Change of address information is also returned, helping you keep your records up to date.

    Challenge Questions
    CheckID returns
    several questions with answers only the consumer (if they are who they say they are) should know. Multiple answers are provided for each question while there is only one correct response. If the customer can answer these questions you can feel confident they are who they present themselves to be.


Using CheckID is easy, provide as little or as much information as you want and CheckID will attempt to find a match.

Minimum information required:
Full Name (First and Last)
Last 4 of Social (or all 4)

Additional information you can provide:
Drivers License Number
Phone Number



For EasyACH™ merchants, CheckID is available in the ReceivePay portal when entering a new bank account and via the ReceivePay XML API as a stand alone service. CheckID is a real-time service, collecting data in real-time from multiple sources in only a few moments. CheckID differs from a credit check as it does not appear on the consumers credit report, and best of all, does not require the consumers full social security number.

CheckID from EasyACH - How it Works Diagram

how much does it cost?

CheckID is only available to EasyACH™ merchants. Merchants however can use CheckID as a stand-alone solution by utilizing the ReceivePay XML API.

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