Direct Deposit

What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit (also known as direct payment, direct credit, & ACH credit) makes it easy to pay your employees, sales agents, and contractors. In addition to simplifying your payroll process, direct deposit from EasyACH™ can save your business money, up to $3.15^ per payment versus a paper check. If your currently providing paper checks to your employees or outsourcing your payroll process, direct deposit from EasyACH™ will help you simplify and fully streamline your payroll process.


Direct deposit via ACH will not only simplify your companies payroll process, save you money, and make your employees happy, it will protect you and your employees from stolen checks and check fraud.
  • No lost or stolen checks
    When employees loose their paycheck or it
    gets lost in the mail you have to replace them, costing you additional money since you'll need to issue yet another paper check, direct deposit from EasyACH™ totally eliminates this possibility.

  • Safe and secure
    Paper checks pass through many hands, including the employee and the checking cashing location (either a bank or 3rd party). These movements expose your company's account number since it's printed on the check, a security loophole which is totally eliminated with direct deposit from EasyACH™.
  • Reduce identity theft
    With paper checks your employees name appears on the check, and depending on where it's cashed, other vital information such as drivers license numbers may be required to complete the transaction. Help your employees protect themselves by directly depositing funds directly to their bank account.


Your employees will appreciate direct deposit for it's simplicity, efficiency, and time savings. Enroll your employees with one simple authorization form and start direct depositing their funds starting on the next pay period.
  • Instant access to funds
    With EasyACH™ direct deposit you can ensure your employees have access to their funds on their payday. Your employees will appreciate having instant access to their funds and avoiding the
    hassle of depositing or casing their check.

  • Avoid bounced checks
    Because funds are directly deposited into your employees account on a specific day each month, direct deposit will help avoid overdraft fee's and bounced checks, helping your employees keep their billing commitments and make their life easier.
  • Workers prefer direct deposit
    Three out of four American workers with direct deposit available as a payment option utilize it^.
    Why not offer your employees the payment option they actually prefer.



Using the ReceivePay gateway or ReceivePay API you can submit a ACH credit to your employees account at a time of your choosing or setup your employees on a salary with automatic recurring credit schedule. Depending on the setup of your merchant account, it may take between 1-2 business days before the credit appears on the consumers bank statement, for this reason you'll want to initiate the deposit before the actual pay date. The diagram below shows how the ACH credit process works from start to finish.

how much does it cost?

ACH payment processing is a low cost method of accepting payments from your customers. Most new merchants are approved for a 1.00% discount rate. EasyACH offers one flat monthly fee and volume based transaction fee's that adjust from month to month along with your transaction volume.

Discount per transaction: 1.00%*
Volume based transaction fee: As low as $0.35
Monthly gateway fee: $19.95
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